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We are regularly produce precious stones and gemstones such as moonstone and others beads which are used in jewelry designing.  We can customize gemstones in all sizes and shape on the base of order. Our Costs is very low as we import rough directly from mines.

Now days Semi Precious Gemstones are the mostly used material for creating jewelry and found in many shades and styles.

Moonstone is also known as the happiness stone and is usually presented on the third wedding anniversary. Moonstone drops increases the psychological balance of the person wearing them and brings about quietness in him. Moonstone is the birth stones of those born in the month of June.

Affrican Amethyst Amazonite Aquamarine
Bear Quartz Black Spinal Black Star
Blue Lace Agate Blue Moonstone Blue Topaz
Brazil Amethyst Bumble Bee Carnalian
Chalcedony Charoite Citrine
Crystal Florite Green Amethyst
Green Tourmaline Iolite Labradorite
Lapis Lemon Quartz Malachite
Moonstone Multi Tourmaline Olive Quartz
Onex Opal Peridot
Pink Tourmaline Red Garnet Rhodolite
Rose De France (Pink Amethyst) Rose Quartz Rutile
Smoky Quartz Tanzanite Tsavorite
Whisky Quartz White Topaz